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      Our iconic thermoses and bottles start with two layers of stainless steel metal.
      The air that separates these layers is removed to create a vacuum. As a result of this highly efficient double-walled vacuum insulation, drinks stay hotter or colder for longer.

      With Stanley you get the biggest benefits: your Stanley insulated thermos or bottle will stay cool to the touch when filled with a hot beverage and will eliminate condensation when filled with a cold or iced beverage.

      If hydration is your top priority, or if you plan to share mate, coffee, or cocktails with your adventure buddies, the bigger the better (1.4 liters or more).

      For day trips or commuting, or when you need to save space, we suggest a smaller thermos. (1 liter or less).

      Our vacuum insulated stainless steel thermoses or bottles will keep drinks hot for at least 20 hours, cold for at least 24 hours and ice cold for 4 days straight.

      Tip: For best performance, you can preheat/prechill your Stanley thermos or bottle by filling it with warm/cold water and letting it sit for 5 minutes. Pour out the water then immediately fill with your beverage and secure the lid.

      BPA FREE

      Stanley guarantees that all products are free of bisphenol a (BPA) and bisphenol (BPS).


      Our highly durable products are made to stand the test of time, backed by a lifetime warranty.


      Stanley is naturally reusable, which means fewer disposable cups end up in landfills.